2018 D/G Fic Exchanges - Updates!

Hello everyone! Merry Christmas! As 2018 begins to come to a close, I realize I never posted anything on here about the DG Forum's 2018 Fic Exchange. I did participate - I got to write a fic for the awesome and amazing Anise! The result of her prompt was a little fic I wrote called Clean Slate. It won the awards for Best Fic Overall, Best Dialogue, Best Characterization of Ginny Weasley, and Best Kiss. While I was super happy to win so many awards, I truly believe that the prize for Best Fic Overall should have gone to Ori, who wrote a wonderful, moving, creative fic called Heafen. She is now posting an expanded version of it over on ff.net, and everyone should check it out!

As of this blog post, I haven't yet posted Clean Slate to my own ff.net account (you can still find it on the DG Forum's account), and that's because I was considering posting an expanded version of it as well. Although I was happy with what I turned out with, I really struggled while writing this fic, and had initially planned for it to be much longer, with an even twister plot (with more Ron and more Theodore Nott!). So I was going to wait to post it until I had time to expand it, and I knew that probably wouldn't be for quite a while.

Well, I still haven't had time to work on it, but I've since decided that instead of expanding Clean Slate, I want to write a sequel to it instead! I don't know when I'll be doing that - there is a small chance I might write it quite soon, in January/February, but more likely, I'll work on it this summer sometime. So I do intend to post Clean Slate to my ff.net account - and here to this journal - very soon, in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, if you want more fic from me, you can check out the short fic I have just posted for the DG Forum's Secret Santa Exchange! It's in the Clean Slate universe, taking place about six months after the end of that fic.

That's it for now from me! Merry Christmas!

Writing Waiting for the Sun

So I just wanted to talk a little about writing this year's exchange fic. First of all, I had been wanting to participate in a fic exchange again for a while now, but it always seemed like I either missed out and didn't hear about them until later, or like it just wasn't a good time because I was working on something else. I have really upped my game in terms of writing original stuff - I am still unpublished, but in 2016, I really learned to start treating my writing like a job, and I ended the year with two novels ready to submit to agents.

Unfortunately, 2017 has been a pretty unproductive writing year for me. I had plans to write a new novel and to finish off and polish one that's been languishing for years, but neither of those plans came through (yet!). So when I heard about the DG Forum's fic exchange this summer (thanks to Anise at FIA!), it was kind of perfect timing, since I wasn't getting anything else done. And not only that...but it was kind of just what I needed. When I finally sat down to write the fic in July - when I put on my old D/G playlist and started writing that first chapter - it felt so, so good. It was the first time I felt like I really understood what Anise has said about fanfic writing helping out with original writing, which is something she talks about a lot.

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Lastly, I said would talk about any future plans I might have for this fic. When I initially outlined it, I really did envision a longer fic, and I had thought that, if I needed to, I could cut it for the fic exchange and post an expanded version later. I had intended the subplots with some supporting characters to be bigger (such as those with Harper, Seamus and his hijinks with Zachariah Smith, Goyle and Draco's friendship, Daphne and the other Slytherin girls). I intended to expose whoever was responsible for trashing the Slytherin common room. I intended a riot at a Quidditch match. I intended to explore the school's reaction to Draco and Ginny's budding relationship.

I will admit that, part of the reason all that never got written is because I ran out of time - not just in terms of getting the fic written by the exchange deadline, but also because I got busy in August. That said, I really do believe the fic doesn't need most of that. In the end, it didn't really matter who trashed the common room. I have written fics that explore others' reactions to Draco and Ginny as a couple, and will probably write more in the future, but I don't think every fic needs that, and that really wasn't what this fic was about. And while a riot at a Quidditch match would have been exciting to write, I was struggling to come up with relevant character narrative that would tie into the scene - that wasn't already there in the fic.

I did intend to write one last chapter to add to the end - more of an epilogue than anything else - and I honestly still wonder if I should write it. I don't want to talk too much about what it would contain, in case I decide to add it. It's mostly just meant to be a more lighthearted cap to the story, and to give a little more resolution to the arc about the tensions between the Houses. I will say that it definitely won't get written this year; I won't have time until January/February, if I decide to write it.

I have also vaguely considered writing a companion fic to this story, one that would be mainly Daphne/Harry, but would also contain some Draco/Ginny. It would most likely take place after this fic - probably after Daphne, Draco, and Ginny have graduated from Hogwarts - and like this fic, I wouldn't intend it to be too long. But I've really no idea if that will get written at all; it's just an idea I had. There are other D/G fics I want to write - one is a post-Hogwarts thriller/mystery that I've had an idea for a while now - so we'll see where I decide to go next :)

Waiting for the Sun: Chapter One

Here is the first chapter of my 2017 exchange fic, Waiting for the Sun. I received a truly wonderful prompt for this exchange, which I've posted at the end of this chapter. Much thanks to Kyla at ff.net (writerdragonfly) for providing this prompt.

The title for this fic is from Paramore's song We Are Broken, which served as some inspiration for this story.

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The DG Forum's 2017 Summer Fic Exchange

Greetings everyone! It's been a while. This past summer, I participated in the DG Forum's Fic Exchange over at ff.net. I hadn't written any fic since the last exchange I participated in (back in 2013/2014, I believe), and it was so, so nice to write D/G again. 2017 hasn't been a particularly productive year for me, in the way of writing, so it was nice to fall back on fic writing, which I will always love and which comes to me so easily.

Anyhow...the fic! My fic won eight total awards...yes, EIGHT! I was honestly shocked. There were some truly amazing fics in this exchange (you should totally check them all out), so to win so many awards was really quite an honor.

My fic won in the following categories:
Best Fanfiction Overall
Best Chaptered Fic
Best Prose
Best Protrayal of Ginny Weasley
Best Portrayal of Draco Malfoy
Best Supporting Characters
Best Kiss
Best Response to the Prompt

I will begin posting the fic here shortly. There are a total of 6 chapters.

Seriously though, there were so many other great fics, and I just want to take a minute to rec some of them. My absolute favorite fic was In My Place by Keeperofthemoon0 (Noelle). That fic touched my little fangirly heart in so many ways; it was funny, sweet, sexy, and so much more. I also really enjoyed Booze & Hoots by Sw33tCh3rryP13 (Charlie), which was so funny. The Golden Afternoon by TASHAx (Tasha) and As It Should Be by Boogum were also favorite; both were really touching and both had versions of Draco that I really liked - the first very relatable and well-rounded, the second very broody and serious. And lastly I really liked Indiscretion by Ori, which had a really cool plot and take on the prompt, plus a really nice use of Blaise Zabini and Theo Nott, two favorite characters of mine.

So, yes, if you haven't already, head over to the DG Forum at ff.net and check out all the awesome new fics! And I will get the first chapter of my fic up here soon.